January 18, 2016

About Us

Student Success Team

Meet your Peer Coaches!! They are very enthusiastic about assisting and encouraging you by passing on effective learning strategies, leading workshops and study groups, helping you practice what you are learning, building your confidence and giving you feedback. They are NOT an editing service, so they cannot edit your papers but they can give you advice and assist you with strategies on how you can improve your work for long-term success. They are also interested in helping you getting involved in the community and living language, so they offer a number of Events and Volunteer Opportunities for you to join. Meet the Student Success team in Room 311 and our larger study/meeting space in 307. We welcome you to drop by anytime for support and to chat. Join in our workshop sessions to improve your skills outside of class in a supportive and interactive atmosphere. The earlier you come to practice, the more improvement you’ll be able to see. Form a study group in your level and we can meet your study group in your classroom after school–study smarter, not harder! Check out our workshop and events schedule and our volunteer opportunities to practice your language skills, experience the culture and meet new people in the process!

Emails: eslstudentsuccess@georgebrown.ca, eslvolunteer@georgebrown.ca, eslevents@georgebrown.ca



Dorothy Van Grootheest



Anna Jozwiak

Hi Everyone! My name is Anna and I’m the newest addition to ESL Student Success Team. Originally I’m from Poland but I also lived in emerald Ireland and peachy Denmark. I moved to Toronto from Copenhagen in the spring of 2016. I am an ESL graduate and a student of Special Event Management here at George Brown College. Before that I studied film and theatre. For years I was working as a film and photo journalist, travelling all over our beautiful planet. As I am fairly new to Canada, I would be more than happy to explore Toronto with you guys as this wonderful city has a lot to offer. I hope I will be able to co-create events that will help you create new memories and make lasting friendships. Don’t hesitate to stop by for a chat, cheers!



Ashkan Mansourian

Hello everyone! My name is Ashkan.  I was born and raised in Iran and I have recently joined the Peer Leader team. When I came to Canada, my English was very poor, so I decided to go to English classes and improve my English. I chose George Brown College, which I believe is the best option for anyone who wants to study in Canada. I had a great experience during my studies at GBC, and I learned a lot from my teachers and Peer Leaders. That’s why I am here to share my unique experience and knowledge with you as a Peer Leader and help you in your path of learning English. By studying at GBC, I was able to get a job in Canada and found many friends both inside and outside of GBC. Please come to me whenever you have any questions or you need extra practice for the materials covered in class, and definitely check out our workshops. I would be more than happy to support you anytime. Best of luck to all of you, and I am looking forward to seeing you guys soon at the Student Success office.


Burak Ulu

Hello everyone! My name is Burak who is one of the peer coaches here. I was born and raised in Turkey. I came to Toronto in May 2016 and as soon as I came here I started to study at George Brown College. It was great experience being here as a student in this friendly environment. Then I joined the Student Success Team as a Peer Coach in October 2016. . I am passionate about travelling and meeting new people from different countries. Before I came to Toronto, I used to live in “hot” Miami/ Florida and “wild” Melbourne/ Australia to improve my English, meet people all over the world and have abroad experience. Now I am living, studying and working in this extraordinary and cool city. I look forward to meeting you and sharing my experiences with you all. See you 😀


Clarence Cansicio

Hi everyone! My name is Clarence. I am a Canadian-Filipino student, born and raised in Toronto, ON, Canada. I graduated from the ASL and Deaf Studies Program at George Brown College in June 2012 and a degree in Social Science, Equity and Social Policy program at York University. I am an M.A Candidate in the Inclusive Design at OCAD University. I enjoy taking photos, travelling, hiking, spending time with nature and exploring the world. Becoming a Peer Coach at GBC-ESL truly has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I get to meet many amazing people from different parts of the world and I am really grateful to have many opportunities to volunteer and attend various workshops, activities and events and make a difference in everyone’s lives. (so be sure to check them out!!!). If you ever need help with anything, you know where to find me J (Room 307).  I look forward meeting you all and wishing you all the best in your studies here at the college!




David Echeverria

Hello all! I joined in the wonderful Student Success Team in February, you can call me Davis! I am a choreographer and a dancer; I’ve been doing for 5 years. I hope to connect with more students here to my world and the college! I studied Computer Engineering in Ecuador and I am studying Plumbing and Electrician Technician here at George Brown. I’m a zumba instructor and if you ever need any help in workout. No pain no gain!



Denis Gorbunov

Hi folks! My name is Denis and I moved to Canada from Moscow City. My passion is learning languages and meeting new people, so I decided to join the diverse and vibrant community at  George Brown College, School of ESL. Taking ESL classes at GBC was one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences I have ever had since I met a number of great people, broadened my knowledge about various cultures and significantly improved my English. I graduated from level 9 in April 2013, and joined the Student Success team. My goal as a Peer Leader is to help, support and encourage all of you! I am also more than happy to share my experiences with students who would like to continue their education since I am currently taking Construction Engineering Technology program at George Brown College. I am looking forward to meeting you!


Farid Rasi

Hi everyone! My name is Farid, I am from Iran and graduated from the ESL school in August 2016. I have joined to the Student Success team since October 2016 and currently I am an Interaction Design student. Being a Peer coach is an invaluable experience for me, I have learned many skills and made many friends. Most importantly, I can help other students and share my experiences with them. If you need any support regarding your courses or having any questions about Interaction Design program, please do not hesitate to meet me!



Guiegzee Najera

Hi, my name is Guiegzee. Like most of you, I am relatively new to Canada – I arrived in 2011 from Mexico. I started the ESL program at George Brown College in 2012, and finished level 9 in April 2014. I was involved in creating two music videos with our wonderful staff and students, which was a great experience.  Therefore, I am happy to continue my involvement in GBC as a peer leader.

Apart from helping you, students, with English and other school related tasks, I would like to help you feel welcome and at home at GBC, and in this wonderful country in general. So please, don’t hesitate to come and talk to me. Of course, you should speak English with me, but in case of emergency you can talk to me in Spanish as well.



 Jemima Ming Go

Hello!! I am Jemima Go from a Southeast Asia country, the Philippines.. I was born Deaf and grew up communicating through sign language and written in English. I came here in Toronto 3 years ago, August 2014. I am currently in the Graphic Design Program. I have been working with the Student Success Team since October 2015, as a peer coach and graphic designer. I teach American Sign Language in our workshop every Monday afternoon. If you need any assistance, even if it’s about ice skating, feel free to come and ask me – thru writing, texting, or signing!.. I won’t bite! Looking forward to meeting you! Best of luck!



Maryana Sakhryn

Hi everyone!!! My name is Maryana and I am from beautiful and friendly country in Eastern Europe – Ukraine! I immigrated to Canada in the summer of 2008, and by far that was one of the most exciting and yet chilling events in my entire life. Canada is an amazing country with rich cultural and linguistic diversity that has given me a great opportunity to meet interesting people from all around the world. George Brown College has become a significant part of my being since this is where I began my journey in Canada. I used to be an ESL student in George Brown College, and then I became a Peer Leader to help all of you guys to succeed in this program. I recently completed the Criminal Justice program at Humber College where I was able to express my potential, make friends and expand my knowledge, and I am currently studying at the University of Toronto.

I love meeting new people and sharing my experiences with them; therefore, I am looking forward to meeting all ESL students to support, help and encourage them. Good luck to each of you and remember “Education is not received. It is achieved”.



Raymund Hip Loy Lee

Hello all! I joined in February 2014, you can call me Ray! Like Ray of SUNSHINE! I’ve worked for the Student Life Department and Peer Connect (when it was called PAL Centre) at the Waterfront Campus and I hope to connect more students here to all the opportunities we have throughout the college! I studied Zoology at the University of Guelph, Culinary Management Nutrition here at George Brown along with the Fitness and Health Promotion program. I’m also a trained public speaker and if you ever need any help in communicating, you know where to find me 😉 (Room 307). I look forward to meeting you all and I wish you success in your time here at the college!!!



Steluta Mazilu

Hi everyone, My name is Steluta, and I moved to Canada from a small and beautiful country –  Moldova. My native language is Romanian, but I speak Russian, English and French too. I love to learn about other cultures, and I am sure that meet you is the best way to do that.   George Brown College have been for me an extraordinary opportunity to develop myself both as student and as character. During my ESL classes I have been involved in many different activities at GBC; Volunteering and Leadership were the most exciting.

I am part of Student Success Team since December 2015 which helps me to put into practice my communication, teamwork, leadership and organization skills.  As Peer Leader, my objective is not only to communicate with you but also to help and boost you to accomplish  yours ESL student goals. Should you have any question or do you need any help, please feel free to ask our Student Success Team.

Welcome to George Brown College ESL Student Life! I am looking forward to meeting you!


Trucy Lau

Hello everyone! My name is Trucy, and I’ve lived most of my life in Toronto, but I grew up in Hong Kong. I can speak Cantonese, English, and I am currently studying French and Japanese. I am also studying Video Game Design and Animation here in George Brown College.

I love learning about other cultures and helping students improve their speaking abilities! You can find me in the Student Success offices 307 or 311. I am also in room 309 on Monday afternoons teaching the Public Speaking workshop, and on Thursday afternoons facilitating Speak Up.

Don’t be afraid to find me and talk! I love meeting new people and learning about different cultures, and I am always ready to help you improve your public speaking! I can’t wait to meet and work with you all!